INA Scholarship

The Inglewood Neighborhood Association is pleased to offer one $250+ non-renewable scholarship to a graduating high school senior who will continue their education at a college, trade, or technical school. Applicants must maintain a primary residence within the borders of the association and applicants or their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must be current paid members of the Inglewood Neighborhood Association (receipt of the newsletter does not indicate membership). Because the Inglewood Neighborhood Association is a community organization, volunteer service (particularly within the Inglewood community) will be given significant weight during the selection process. Participation in school activities, letters of reference (minimum of 1 to be provided), and academic transcripts will also be considered. Though the scholarship may be awarded to any qualifying high school senior regardless of the school attended, the Wauwatosa East Student Services Department will handle the distribution and collection of applications.

The scholarship will be a minimum of $250 based on a guaranteed donation each year by the major sponsor of the scholarship award, Trish Collins with Firefly Real Estate. The final amount will be determined each year based on further donations to the fund from our Inglewood Community. The amount of the annual scholarship shall be made available each year no later than mid-November.

In 2022, the third annual scholarship totaling $1000 was awarded to Madeline Cicero, a senior at Wauwatosa East.

In 2023, the annual scholarship will total $600, comprised of $250 from Trish Collins of Firefly Real Estate, $150 from Firefly Real Estate, and $200 from Inglewood Neighborhood Association member donations.

Applications shall be made available for the 2023 Inglewood Neighborhood Association Scholarship beginning January 4th, 2023 and need to be submitted no later than 11:59pm February 10, 2023.

Questions about applying should be directed to the Wauwatosa East contact:

Janice E. Morgan - Administrative Assistant/Registrar - Student Services